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What Should I Know Before Meeting With An Architect?

How to Prepare for A Meeting with an Architect

In your new construction or whole home renovation, the architect is an extremely significant aspect. They are the ones who bring your vision to life, establish the plans from which the contractor can function, and make sure everything flows properly, sounds structurally, and adheres to building codes. The architect is the conductor of the orchestra in many ways, ensuring that the different parts both preserve time and harmonize seamlessly together to create the most incredible symphony ever heard. The symphony is, of course, your home, except in this case!


It might be a little anxious to meet the architect for the first time, after all, you need to find out exactly how to get across your desires , needs, budget and design preferences and make them understand your inner vision somehow. As architects usually aren't mind readers, you want to be prepared when meeting with your project architect, although some come pretty darn near. But as you get ready for the initial appointment, here are a few things to remember.


Have Your Ideas Organized and Ready to Go!

Spend some time thinking about what your goals are for your home redesign before you meet with your architect. Many customers we have worked with also have a scrapbook, hard drive or some other such file that contains all the images and ideas that inspire them. You're clearly going to be drawn to certain features, certain design types and configurations, regardless of whether it's new construction or a massive home remodel. Find out a way to collect and store all of these, and then at the first meeting you will show them to your architect. Their role is to get a sense of "you" and your general preferences, so when they begin to fill in the blanks, you want to help them along.


Seek Input – They Know Stuff

You work with an architect because, naturally, when it comes to drawing workable, fluid plans, they have expertise. Trust them to that end. When it comes to your home, many individuals have a single minded view, and that view is most certainly significant. But you do not want to have such a view of the tunnel that you do not take the useful guidance and feedback your design professional offers. If you're dealing with a reputable organization, hundreds of these types of plans have most probably been made. From optimum window placement, to the number of lights needed, to possible furniture layout, they might give some great tips on anything.


Be Upfront About Your Budget

There may be some brilliant ideas for your architect, but if these don't fall within your budget, then it's just a waste of time. The smoother and more successful the architect's meeting would be, the more open you are about your budget and where you would like to end up after all is said and finished. There's absolutely nothing wrong with trying to remain within your budget, so don't hesitate to ask for alternate options if, considering your financial picture regarding the project, something seems a little exorbitant.


Ask Questions – They Won’t Bite

People often shy from asking really important questions from their architects because they are either too anxious or maybe reluctant to sound like they don't know what's going on. You probably haven't been around a collection of blueprints, at least not almost as frequently as the person responsible for making the prints, so when you don't understand anything, ask for clarity. A good architect will guide you through the phase and plans so that you are more informed about the meeting.


Ask About Past Projects

You've probably already employed him / her at this stage, so this is not meant from a comparison point of view, but more from a referential point of view; meaning, they might have made houses that are identical to yours, that carry similar elements, or have a parallel theme. They could take out some plans that they have previously worked on that can give you even greater motivation for your own project and therefore a fresh and more clearly defined path.


When you prepare for a big home renovation, there is a lot of preparation that needs to take place.

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