Designers helping you supercharge

innovation in the workplace

Ecobuild Architects have the multi-disciplinary capabilities to create the ultimate workplace environment: one that is comfortable, healthy, and a

catalyst for extraordinary results.


Our services include:

 • Auditing and evaluation of existing facilities

 • Space planning

 • Furniture, fixtures & equipment design/specification

 • Cost estimation

 • Artwork selection

 • Signage and graphics

 • Design and specification of window treatments

 • Sustainable materials and building system selection

Flexible and dynamic space planning.........that opens up the possibilities

Elegant staging lets your fixture selections shine


When your work areas are laid out with room to breathe the finish selections speak for themselves.

Complementing your open office space are the spaces for privacy or repose brought to life by elegantly engineered natural daylighting and biophilic amenities.

Office kitchen: the new social hub


Your social hubs offer that dynamic multi-purpose functionality that enlivens the heart of your organization. Your double-height space or rooftop patio enrich the possibilities for work, eat, and play with connections to nature.

Ecobuild A r c h i t e c t s

|  Nature-Inspired Design | San Francisco Bay Area 

555 12th Street 5 FL, Oakland, CA 94607

Tel: 510 346 5099


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