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Amid butterfly gardens & redwood groves, the Urban greenbelt includes a playground, climbing wall & creek.

FROG, Friends of the Rockridge-Temescal Greenbelt, is named Frog Park because of the neighborhood group that established the park. A group of parents from the community started trying to find land for a children's park in Rockridge. A master plan was created to build a new park, anchored by two custom-built play structures and arranged along the spine of Temescal Creek, after 3 years of searching and some resistance to the park. After community forums where kids and adults contributed ideas about what they would want in a park, the play structures were designed by Leathers & Associates. During the "Big Build" in October 2001, the special play structures were designed by 1,300 volunteers who worked over 10 days to build Big Frog (at what was Hardy Park) and Little Frog (at what was Redondo Park). A lovely route from Hardy Court to Clifton, and from Cavour to Redondo was also included in this stage.

Since 1995, the Dog Park under the freeway has been in operation and was designed as the first dog park in Oakland because of the advocacy of the Rockridge Community Planning Council. This was achieved as they used the area to construct equipment and supplies for the seismic retrofit of the support columns of the freeway as part of the arrangement with CalTrans. Dogs in the park are not allowed off leash, even within the dog park.

In 2003, on Claremont Avenue, the first CalTrans mural in the state in the early 1970s, FROG worked to fully rebuild the historic 'Oceanus' mural. The next phase of the park, including swings, a water fountain, improved basketball courts, and the completion of the path between Clifton and Cavour, was built in 2006. A solar-powered bathroom was built in 2011. In 2013, a project was introduced with additional swings and more disabled-accessible play equipment to complete the renovation of the park. It is anticipated that this study will be completed in 2014-2015.

FROG collaborates with a range of community groups, colleges, scouts, firefighters, and residents every Earth Day and September to clean and preserve the park. The website offers information about this and other park ventures. Volunteers are welcome and families are encouraged to assist in the park's stewardship.

For several birthday parties and gatherings of play classes, daycare groups, and preschools, Frog Park is the venue. Picnic tables are not bookable, so first-come, first-serve is the place. Without a permit from the Office of Parks and Recreation, city park ordinances do not allow loud music or sound in the park.

Due to the improvements in the dogs-in-parks legislation in April, 2014, in this park, dogs are now permitted on-leash.

This family-friendly park is just one of the many must-see parks you don’t want to miss in Oakland, California:

  • Temescal Regional Recreation Area

  • Joaquin Miller Park

  • Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park

  • Roberts Regional Recreation Area

  • Snow Park 

  • Bushrod Park

  • Mosswood Park

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 555 12th Street, on the 5th Floor 
in Oakland! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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