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A 748-acre park leased from the Port of Oakland is next to the industrial bustle of Oakland International Airport, preserving the majority of the once-extensive marshland in San Leandro Bay.

The Martin Luther King Jr. is at the intersection of Doolittle Drive and Swan Way. Memorial Grove, which was completed and dedicated in 1993 with community support. A group of trees surrounding a grassy glade make up the grove. There is also a brick wall with the names of donors inscribed.

The 50-acre Arrowhead Marsh is a Pacific Flyway stopover and is part of the Shorebird Reserve Network for the Western Hemisphere—dogs must be on-leash at all times.

The sculpture 'Duplex Cone' by Roger Berry follows the summer and winter solstice journeys of the sun across the sky.

At the north end of Edgewater Road, another section of San Leandro Bay is accessible from a parking lot. In honor of the late Fred Garretson, a Tribune reporter whose reports inspired successful efforts to protect Bayland, Garretson Point is named. In Oakland, entry to Damon Marsh is from Oakport Drive.

This Shoreline Center indoor/outdoor facility is famous for corporate events, weddings, parties, etc. With stunning bay views and a range of shorebirds, the atmosphere is casual. It accommodates 60 guests seated or 125 standing. A commercial kitchen, a main office, and a large outdoor deck are included. There's catering open. Call 1-888-EBPARKS OR 1-888-327-2757 for more information; press choice 2.

This facility is accessible by wheelchair.

The Tidewater Boating Center at Martin Luther King Jr. is located off Tidewater Avenue in Oakland, on the shore of the Oakland Estuary in San Leandro Bay. Shoreline Regional. The first official San Francisco Bay Water Trail site in the Park District, this shoreline complex has an ADA accessible dock. Turf sites for picnicking and shoreline access for fishing are available as well. A boathouse, training center, boat storage facility, recreation department offices, and a safety residence consist of the 12,300-square-foot complex.

The Oakland Strokes, a middle and high school non-profit junior rowing group, runs the main boathouse and indoor training area and offers outreach to local youths in the competitive rowing sport. Other organizations will be leasing space for boating and water conservation, sea kayaking, canoeing, and other water-related recreational activities to include on-the-water experiences. The estuary access and the Bay Trail link at the park can take advantage of Park District recreation activities, including walking, nature research, kayaking, and canoeing programs.

Several other picnic areas are reached from Swan Way by way of a park road leading north. Arrowhead Marsh picnic area is at the road's end, with one of the District's largest turfgrass playing fields. An observation platform with a wheelchair access ramp and a children's play area is situated next to the picnic area.

Get breakfast at Doolittle Pond with the birds or watch their interesting daylight antics from many viewpoints from San Leandro Bay. Hike to Arrowhead Marsh along the trail from Hegenberger Road along the San Leandro Creek River, or reach the park from the north end of Edgewater Drive.

Martin Luther King Jr. throughout the 741-acre There are paved trails ideal for hiking, cycling, running and jogging on the Regional Shoreline. At Arrowhead Marsh and Garretson Point, glimpses of the shifting sunset are best captured.

At San Leandro Bay, State Fish and Game laws apply. When fishing from the shore in open bay waters, a California State Fishing License is required for anyone 16 years and older. Visit the Fishing section of this site for additional information on fishing in the District.

A mile north of Hegenberger Road is Doolittle Beach, off Doolittle Drive. Picnic areas with barbecues and a boat launch ramp are included in the facilities. It is not acceptable to swim.

A two-lane boat launch is located along Doolittle Drive in the south parking lot. There's no launch charge for the ships. In marshland areas, motorized boats and hovercraft are not permitted. Due to bird migration and breeding in the marshes, jet skis and hydrofoils are prohibited from November 1 -March 31. As a joint official San Francisco Bay Water Trail site, the Doolittle boat launch and the smaller dock at the Shoreline Center have been conditionally named. Visit the Boating and Sailing page for more boating and sailing detail, and a schedule of fees.

In the park, wheelchair access includes parking, curb cuts, paved trails, access for fishing, restrooms, drinking fountains, and a platform overlooking the marsh. The Shoreline Center is accessible by wheelchair.

Exit at Hegenberger Road off I-880 in Oakland and head west. Turn right onto Doolittle Drive (Hwy. 61) and onto Swan Way again to the right. For access to trails, a large grassy play area, reservable picnic areas, and a boardwalk out to the Arrowhead Marsh, you can then turn left into the park. Continuing on Doolittle Drive will take you to a boat ramp, picnic areas that are reserved, and fishing piers.

This family-friendly park is just one of the many must-see parks you don’t want to miss in Oakland, California:

  • Temescal Regional Recreation Area

  • Joaquin Miller Park

  • Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park

  • Roberts Regional Recreation Area

  • Snow Park 

  • Rockridge-Temescal Greenbelt 

  • Bushrod Park

  • Mosswood Park

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 555 12th Street, on the 5th Floor 
in Oakland! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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