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What Is The Difference Between An Architect And A Structural Engineer?

Comparing Structural Engineers to Architects

Both structural engineers and architects design projects for construction. When constructing a structure, structural engineers consider strength and stability, while architects concentrate more on the building's appearance. You will read more about each of these careers below to see how they are compared.


Responsibilities of Structural Engineers vs Architects

It is possible to find structural engineers and architects working together on construction projects; they perform different tasks, however. In order to ensure stability, structural engineers concentrate on how a building is designed and what materials should be used. While factors such as construction materials are also considered, architects put more effort into how a building will look and the aesthetics. All experts work on a budget and develop building plans for a design team to execute. Structural engineers and architects both work for the same objective of creating a well-structured house.


Structural Engineer

Projects like houses, dams, and bridges are built by structural engineers. Although some of their design processes are carried out in an office, they also visit construction sites to ensure that construction is properly completed. Some projects require problem-solving skills because there might be complicated problems the engineer needs to predict. In order to ensure that the projects they are working on remain on track and are completed within the expected budget, structural engineers must also stay concentrated and coordinated. To lead their team of staff to complete the project, they will need outstanding leadership skills.


Job responsibilities of a structural engineer include:


  • Following government regulations

  • Submitting permits for building

  • Testing materials to be used for building

  • Ensuring the safety of workers



Architects design indoor and outdoor spaces to meet the visual appearance clients are looking for, as well as ensuring that their projects are compatible with different codes and rules. To create the design, they work with computer programs, although some work can be done by hand. To complete a project that satisfies the client, architects must also create a vision and use their imagination. In order to keep track of several contracts and project information, including a budget, costs, timeframe, and progress, they must be coordinated. Architects usually work on projects alongside civil engineers, so they must be able to interact efficiently with other staff and design teams.


Job responsibilities of an architect include:


  • Setting up meetings with clients to discuss projects

  • Preparing estimates of costs

  • Preparing drawings for projects

  • Arranging contracts for construction teams

  • Marketing their work to the public


Related Careers

Those interested in a career in structural engineering may also enjoy working as a manager of construction. Construction managers concentrate on actually constructing the plan, rather than designing the design as structural engineers do. Individuals seeking a career as an architect may also like to look into a career in interior design. In order to produce an aesthetically pleasing design for interior spaces, interior designers use their vision and innovation, and they need a comprehensive understanding of building codes as architects do.

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