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5 Tips For Choosing A Commercial Architect

5 Tips on How to Select the Right Architect


You are about to move out on an exciting journey, where your hopes and dreams become physical reality, as you decide to create a new home or add to your current home.


On this journey, your best friend and confidante will be your architect. Architects transform dreams into reality and, in the process, will help you. Discussions about your personal habits, design preferences, hobbies, and even your family relationships are part of such a shared journey, so it's very important that you choose an architect you can trust.


So how do you find the right architect for you, your vision, and, importantly, your budget?


First of all, though, it is necessary to understand at the outset why the architect should lead your project and not the 'design'. Before properly considering the construction design with a suitably trained and independent expert, it is like putting the cart before the horse' to lock yourself into a construction kit, i.e. an architect. Don’t waste your sizable investment by overlooking this important stage. Your lifestyle needs and your budget will be better met this way.


Although other 'experts' can provide services for building design, architects are rigorously trained in the profession. They have to complete at least seven years of research and practical experience, just like medical professionals, to sit the exams that, once completed, officially recognize their qualification as architects. And it doesn't end there; they have to prove to the Architects Registration Board that they are worthy practitioners by undertaking daily professional development and demonstrating good knowledge of the industry in order to stay certified.


1. ‘Find an Architect’ Website

The new website 'Find an Architect' from the Royal Australian Institute of Architects has made sourcing architects much simpler. It's a large online directory of trained and experienced architectural firms in Australia. Don't just check within your suburb-not it's important to have an office around the corner for your architect-search instead by state, e.g. Western Australia.


2. A+ Rating

When searching the websites of architects, search for the 'A+' badge-the logo applies to companies accredited by the Australian Institute of Architects for upholding the highest industry standards. They also have access to the latest knowledge and guidance from the industry, which means you also have access to the best ideas for design and construction to fulfill your brief.


3. Choose an ‘Independent’ Architect

The impartial advice and feedback that you will get during the entire process are some of the many advantages of working with an architect. Their autonomy makes for your peace of mind; when working with other contractors, they will serve as your spokesperson. So, look for an architect who is not tainted by affiliation with other design and construction process components.


4. Good Design is About Personalised Tailoring

Each new client and site offers an opportunity to have unique results for an architect. Be cautious of companies that show a cookie-cutter approach to design. In order to build houses, experienced architects draw on the criteria and possibilities that each new site offers, as well as each client's vision and lifestyle.


Each house pictured here looks distinctly different since each house has been built to adapt to the unique specifications of the client, its climate, and setting.


5. Direct Contact Throughout

Be sure to ensure that your preferred architect will remain your point of contact throughout the entire process when you have built a shortlist and you start contacting architectural firms. To understand your needs and also to ensure continuity of interactions, direct relationships are so important. From initial pre-design meetings to the final building, a good architect will streamline the entire design and construction phase for you.

Are You Looking for an Architecture Firm to Design Your Office?

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