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What Are The 7 Components Of Green Building?

Site planning and design

Affordable housing works well when access to key services and transportation is easy for tenants. There are and several other environmental advantages of infill sites. Plan your site to blend in and work with natural features in the surrounding community to provide protected playing fields, shade your house, and manage stormwater runoff naturally. Minimize the effect of the site by reducing the physical footprint of your creation with more compact designs of buildings and parking lots and taking care of the conditions of trees and soil during construction.


By offering neighbors places to meet, creating a sense of place and protection, and creating spaces for pedestrians and children rather than vehicles, green buildings and developments promote strong communities. From the planning stage all the way to operation and maintenance, effective and sustainable designs include residents and community members.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality greatly affects the health and comfort of residents—essential objectives for every house. Achieving a high-quality indoor environment involves careful choices of design, layout, and materials, and therefore good cooperation among the construction team. The quality of indoor air depends on well-designed ventilation and humidity control, which goes hand in hand with energy conservation and longevity of buildings. Of course, continuous maintenance is important, as is a determination to find alternatives to hazardous materials and finishes.



The secret to making your building a finely tuned, lean, green machine is energy conservation. To take advantage of the sun and wind to heat, light, and cool your building affordably, start using energy modeling software early in the design process. Modeling can illustrate how you can pick smaller, more effective HVAC systems, lighting, and appliances with a high-performance building envelope and superior insulation. The ideal next step is renewable energy, where feasible.


Green, high-quality building materials are now widely available, often from local manufacturers, that minimize or eliminate indoor air quality issues, avoid toxic substances, and greatly reduce waste. Recycled content and pre-manufactured goods reduce the use of materials, reduce costs and sometimes perform better than conventional alternatives. To set requirements for buying, consult current guidelines, codes, and certifications. For various types of products, life cycle analysis has given many rules of thumb.


To cut costs and improve building efficiency, reduce, reuse, and recycle construction and demolition waste. Design for the effective use of materials and the prevention of potential waste for longevity. In a waste management strategy, then identify targets and work them into contract papers. You can recycle more than 70 percent of some waste materials on the construction site with the correct setup, and people can recycle 100 percent of other materials in their homes.



By installing water-efficient appliances and plumbing fixtures, landscaping with drought-resistant plants and successful irrigation, and putting rainwater and greywater to use, conserving scarce freshwater resources and reducing energy bills. Substitute asphalt and grass with porous concrete and trees to soak up some of the stormwater runoff that plagues rivers and streams in the Washington metropolitan area; then consider rain barrels, rain gardens, and green roofs.

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